Thursday, October 13, 2011


Mrs. Beaver:

Tonight as I sat at the computer working on the documentation for the one-year report on our most recent adoption, Daria came in to the office. She wanted to talk about wrestling she has been doing with some choices she made while living in an orphanage that she wouldn't make now. I was able to reassure her that our God forgives. I reminded her that Christ, in His goodness, willingly bore the ugliness of our sins on the cross. This makes it possible for the Lord to give fresh starts, clean slates when we confess and turn from sin.

She smiled at me, hugged me, thanked me, told me she loved me, sighed contentedly and then said in her broken English, "Is good to have a mom."

That spontanious affirmation of my role in the life of this precious former orphan is worth any and all of the strain and drain it takes to be the adoptive mother of a teenage girl. Our God is very, very good.

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