Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Mrs. Beaver:

For the past couple of days we've been caring for the children of our dear friends, the Nordstroms. Their mom, Heather, had to have emergency surgery on Tuesday afternoon. (We thank God that we can pass along the news that, although she'll have a multi-week recovery, the danger has passed and she's doing well.)

Today I took both our families to a nearby park to relish what will probably be the last of the 80 degree weather this year in our northern plains location. At one point, I saw 14-year-old "T-Bird" scoop up his little sister "Peaches." Our long-time readers will remember that Peaches is a precious former orphan who was adopted from Ethiopia by the Nordstroms about six months ago.

As I saw brother and sister looking so photogenic, I raced over to take pictures. I began asking Peaches about her birthday tomorrow. Her response was precious:

In no uncertain terms, she told me...

...with much exuberance... 

...that in one day...

 ...she would no longer be four...

...she would be FIVE!!!

Not only did I get to enjoy the antics of a precious little girl, I got to watch a big brother caring for his little sister in a way that would make any parent proud. T-Bird was protective and aware of Peaches' needs. He was gentle and kind. He was interested in what interested her. As I stood watching the two of them interact, I felt as though I was being allowed the privilege of getting a peek at T-Bird maturing into a man. At the rate he's going, he will do so bringing glory to God as he is being changed into the image of Christ.

Happy Birthday, Peaches! We love you!

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