Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Happy Dad

Mrs. Beaver:

Few things can compare to becoming a parent after nearly seven years of utterly hopeless infertility.

For Mr. Beaver and me, it was Anna's birthmother who made our impossible dream come true. An ear-to-ear grin stretched across Mr. Beaver's face the night a beautiful newborn girl was placed in our arms by a very brave 20-year-old. That soul-deep smile of my dear husband is etched forever on my heart.

Mr. Beaver's gratitude to the Lord for his oldest child began that night he became her daddy. Last week I got to watch as Mr. Beaver exuded joy all over again. His eyes twinkled. He cranked his fatherly teasing up a notch. The reason? He was able to spend a week with his now married and pregnant Cinderella, while Anna and her new husband, Aaron, vacationed with us.

Here's the pair as our large family hiked in Temperance River State Park:

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