Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Blog: Christian Optimistism Bolstered

Mr. and Mrs. Beaver:

Photo credit -- Cassandra

Our oldest son, John (known until now by the blog name "Joe"), has observed a cultural trend. In fact, he hasn't just noticed it. John would tell you that for the past couple of years he's been a participant in this trend. Skepticism has wound its tentacles around the hearts of many, and John knows the monster well. He has shared with us that the temptation to bend toward worldly thinking has held his hope hostage, leaving him frequently joyless and all-too-often vulnerable to irritation and exasperation.

John wants to be more consistently buoyed by belief. He's ready to fight skepticism's sinister power. On the eve of turning twenty, he's determined to stand on the life-producing belief found only in Christ, even as his generation is at risk of being crippled by cynicism. He's going to share his thoughts in a new blog called Surprised by Optimism. We invite you to read his first post. Then follow as he wars against culturally-correct doubt and disbelief. He'll share his struggles, while not losing sight of opportunities for humor. We hope you'll read, then engage in the fight to ward off the quiet creep of cynicism in your own life.

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