Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Look at Lissie

Mrs. Beaver:

When we spent Thanksgiving week at the North Shore of Lake Superior, the weather grew warmer and warmer as the week progressed. One afternoon we were able to be out on the lake's shore in light jackets and shirt sleeves. This is utterly unheard of in northern Minnesota in late November!

As the sun was sinking toward the horizon, some of our children went out to enjoy the warmth and beauty. As I saw them drifting outdoors, I grab our camera and ran. I always try to remember to pray for the Lord's guidance and blessing before I begin taking pictures. This time I prayed that God would help me to capture each of their vastly different personalities. As always, He was faithful.

Here's a look at our precious 19-year-old Lissie.


~Kluane said...

Lissie is so pretty, inside and out :)

SamUEL Finch said...

God's given you an amazing gift in her! :) I'm blessed that I can call her my friend.