Friday, December 23, 2011

Jaynie's Home!

Mrs. Beaver:

We're thankful to God--our precious Jaynie is home! She's been the homeschool helper for a couple of American families in a central Asian country since August.

Many of our friends joined us at the airport to celebrate Jaynie's return.

The plane had landed and passengers were disembarking. We were watching for the ONE special face!

Our first glimpse of Jaynie!

A very relieved, happy dad--deeply grateful to God for keeping his girlie safe

Jaynie's first sibling hug came from Cassandra

Jaynie's other siblings quickly took their turns.

 Next, Jaynie greeted friends who'd come to welcome her back

In the midst of happy celebration, Jaynie never strayed far from her daddy

Before long we headed around the corner in our small airport to gather Jaynie's luggage. She was still greeting friends...

(A special thanks to our dear friends the Nisius family for coming all the way from Minneapolis just to share this special day with our family. Here Jaynie is embracing Amanda, whose been like an aunt to Jaynie and her biological siblings since we adopted the three of them in 2001.)

Cassandra stayed close by as Jaynie made her way through the crowds.

I got the very first hug as Jaynie emerged from security, although our reunion wasn't caught on camera. By the time we entered the baggage area, I was eager for another long embrace. I've already received the very best Christmas gift--having my daughter home.

Our family has so much catching up to do. Jaynie's been able to call nearly every day since she left, but the phone calls are usually only a few minutes long. Skype and email have been tremendous blessings, but now we get to hear the details of her amazing adventure.

What a joy to be TOGETHER! And what a great way to start the weekend in which we'll celebrate the birth of Jesus. God become man. King become servant. Baby become suffering Savior.

We wish you the merriest of Christmases!

Photos courtesy of Amanda N. and Kaylee H.


Spencer said...

SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless you all :)

SamUEL Finch said...

WELCOME HOME JAYNIE!!! I pray that the transition back to normal life won't be too strenuous for you. I am glad that God has granted you safety these past several months. God continue to bless you all!

Josh Musick said...

Praise the Lord! Welcome Back Jaynie!!!!! May God's light shine upon you all extra bright this season!

Natalie said...

So thankful she's home safe and sound! Have a merry Christmas "Beaver" family. We are so thankful for every single one of you.

Ruthiey said...

This whole post made me smile. WELCOME HOME, JAYNIE!

Aaron and Anna said...

I miss each and every one of you beyond words.

~Kluane said...

Awww, I'm glad Jaynie made it back to her wonderful family safely!

Matthew and Jennifer Pitkin said...

Praising God!! We couldn't make it to the airport but were praying!!!

S'moores said...

Makes us cry!! God is good!
Love from s'moores

MacMeister said...

May I add a late welcome home? :-) I'm glad your trip was safe and that you can spend this Christmas and New Years with your family! May God bless you and strengthen and refresh you during your time in the US :-)