Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Every Wedding Needs a Cake - Every Family Could Use a Cassandra!

Mrs. Beaver:

When Aaron and Tessa became engaged in October, Cassandra quickly told us she wanted to make the wedding cake. Knowing how gifted the Lord has made the hands of our16-year-old, we quickly told her, "The job is yours! Thank you!"

We became even more grateful for her offer of help when we learned that the average wedding cake costs $543! With nine daughters, every penny saved is a penny to be spent on the next bride's wedding.

Cassandra has already tested a cake recipe that we all agree breaks the mold for the typical, dry wedding cake. The white cake is moist and flavorful. She's also learned how to make the increasingly large, round layers.

The cake will be four-tiers high. She'll frost two cakes for each tier in such a way that they will look like one thick layer. 

Today she worked on perfecting cream cheese frosting, a great project on a day when the high was -2 degrees!

Cassandra was so surprised by the weight of her finished product that she got out the scale.

Daria (left), Cassandra and Princess Bink weighing wedding cake frosting
The frosting weighted 23 pounds, and the cake was even heavier at 26 pounds!

This is a BIG cake even by our family's standards!


Drew said...

Wow! I didn't think that cakes could even weigh that much.

Good job on the cake Cassandra.
Looks good!

Jamie and Marcos said...

I have one question....CAN WE TASTE IT? ( :

WhiteStone said...

The cake looks yummy! Even BEFORE the frosting! An awesome project indeed!

MacMeister said...

Y.U.M.M.Y.! That looks like a real masterpiece in the making! Is that going to be the final cake?