Friday, August 19, 2011

Then...and Now (and an update)

Mrs. Beaver:

Jaynie at age eight at her orphanage just before we adopted her...

...and a decade later: Jaynie's senior pictures taken just before she left for Central Asia.

A quick update: Mr. Beaver just called from their very rural destination in one of the Central Asian countries. All three of them are doing well, although they're very, very, very hot. Mr. Beaver slept outside last night becasue of the heat and a power outage, and Mr. Beaver is NOT a camping man! :)

 In order to honor the Muslims who populate the area, Jaynie will be wearing a burqa whenever she is outside the wall of the compound where she'll be living and working. One of the mom's whom she'll be helping has purchased that piece of clothing for her. Her burqa covers everything to her wrists and ankles, and has a net over the eyes. Jaynie will not be alone when she dons her burqa; all of the women in the area wear them over their scarves when they leave their homes.

It's Saturday morning on the other side of the world now. On Sunday morning their time, Jaynie's dad and her dear friend and brother, Joe, will be departing to return home. Please pray for her strength and ability to cling to Christ as they separate. We'll see her again in December or January, Lord willing, but initially the return to her family will seem like its and eternity away.


Jamie and Marcos said... beautiful....such LIGHT FOR THE LORD! We love you all!

Natalie said...

Don't even want to think what pictures of Jaynie would look like now if the Lord had not brought her to your family. We continue to pray for all of you and Jaynie. What an adventure she will have. I can't even imagine having to wear a burqa!

Mattea said...

i love you beautiful Z!! and miss you too :'( But I know the Lord has such a wonderful plan for you!
love, matty

The Nordstroms said...

Miss her already!

Our Family said...

Great post, Mrs. Beaver. Thanks for capturing how we both feel so well. Love you and I'm on my way home!

Mr. Beaver