Saturday, August 13, 2011

United by God from a World Apart

In a recent post about going to a water park, I mentioned that a new friend went with us. Her name is Ana.

Ana has just moved here from Indonesia after marrying Mike, who is a part of our church family. The two of them learned about each other through mutual friends following some missions work that Mike did in the area some time ago. Their courtship and romance is a wonderful story of God's mercy and lovingkindness. However, it's too long to share here. So if you run into Mike or Ana ask them to tell you. You'll recognize them by the love-struck look they now share.

Mike and Ana married first in Indonesia earlier this summer amongst her family and friends. Then a couple of weeks ago, Ana donned her dress again, and they went through a ceremony at our church in front of Mike's family. This was followed by a reception for their friends.

Cassandra made the cakes for the reception so she was on hand as the wedding ceremony was about to begin. Cassandra sought permission to take pictures, and a few of the photos are below.

The piece of cloth draped over Ana and Mike's shoulders is called an ulos. Mike tells me that in Indonesia it signifies inclusion and welcome into Ana's family as a new member.

In this ceremony, the bride and groom, who were already officially newlyweds, entered the sanctuary together.

Ana's intricate dress was hand sown by a friend.

Singing a hymn together

Below is my favorite photo of Cassandra's collection.

I love the look on Ana and Mike's faces as they stare into each other's eyes. Mike has told our family he thought his life would never lead to matrimony. The happy, happy man hasn't been able to stop grinning since Ana became part of his life and future.

The pastor who performed the ceremony may look familiar to our readers. He is the same one who married Anna and Aaron, our dear family friend, Dave Sowers.

Mike placing a ring on Ana's finger

The announcement of the new husband and wife

What a happy pair! God is so good!

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MacMeister said...

Loving relationships are such a great gift from God! It's so encouraging to see Him bring people together :-)