Monday, August 15, 2011

When Did the Journey Begin?

Mr. Beaver:

Today was the beginning of a significant journey in the life of Jaynie. Today, Joe and I took off with her from our local airport enroute to Central Asia, where Jaynie will work as a homeschool helper for a couple of American families for the next several months.

Jaynie and Joe in the world's busiest airport
This amazing adventure had many beginnings before today... and looking back through the lens of hindsight, we can see in each step the mighty hand of our sovereign God at work... blessing, guiding and keeping Jaynie along the way.

We received a great send-off from several members of our church

In a way, Jaynie's journey began yesterday, as our church family 'prayed her out'. They covered her with precious prayer and promises of ongoing prayer, asking for God's help and care for her as she lives away from home and family for the first time since we adopted her 10 years ago.

And in another way, Jaynie's journey began months ago when the American families in Central Asia sent out a plea for a homeschool helper to come and help them teach their children in difficult circumstances. When Jaynie saw their e-mail, she immediately responded by going to Mrs. Beaver to say 'Someday, I'd like to do something like this...'. Little did Jaynie suspect that God had been working on Mrs. Beaver's heart, preparing it for just such an unexpected turn. Mrs. Beaver picked up the phone right away to find out more information and to consult with me... already at peace with the idea of sending our precious daughter off to serve.

And little did Jaynie know that God had been secretly preparing my heart as well. By His grace I was able to move from 'Over my dead body...' to 'Yes, Lord, she's Yours...' in just a matter of minutes.

In short, Mrs. Beaver, Jaynie and I all believe this incredibly challenging journey is absolutely what the Lord wants her to do right now. And we all have peace in sending her out. By the world's standards we should not have peace. But our God is amazing.

You see, the REAL beginning of this journey speaks to just how amazing He is... and to how we can trust Him even in difficult circumstances. Somewhere... sometime... in the past... God chose Jaynie for just such a purpose as this. And He started the meticulous, gracious process of preparing her heart and ours for the event. Over time, and through many ups and downs, He brought us to just the right place to respond to the need at just the right time.

If our sovereign Lord had revealed His purposes to us before we were ready, who knows how we would have responded? But, as usual, His ways and His timing are perfect. And He prepared us for this moment.

This parting is not without sorrow. We left so many puddles in the airport they brought out one of those yellow caution signs and a mop. Doing what the Lord wants often involves separation from loved ones, inconvenience, and even danger. But in the midst of all of these challenges, we can rest in Him, knowing that not even one hair can fall from our heads without His knowing it and allowing it (OK... I should probably have picked a different example in my case... as the hairs have already fallen!).

So here Jaynie goes. We'll do our best to stay connected in remote conditions to chronicle the journey to her destination. Then the chronicle will belong to Jaynie... and, of course, to God.

We love you Jaynie!

Mom and Dad


The Nordstroms said...

Praying for all of you.....

Natalie said...

Wow!! How exciting!!! I had no idea, but praise God for your selflessness to let her go.

Erica said...

my prayers are with her!

MacMeister said...

Praying for you Jaynie (and Reynolds family)! It's exciting to see and follow God's will in your life. I know God will use you in a special way to minister to those families :-)

George and Krista said...

We will be praying for Jaynie. My mom told me a while ago that she'd be going! Hope you all are well!


Spencer said...

God bless you Jaynie! May He protect you and give you wisdom and grace to serve Him with all your heart :)

Jamie and Marcos said...

Lord we come with Great Expectations!!!!! We love you!

Matthew and Jennifer Pitkin said...

We are praying for everyone. She is such an amazing, sweet girl! If we would have known, we would have been there to see her off as well! She will be a perfect helper for those families. Praying!!!