Thursday, June 18, 2015


Boy, dear readers, do I have a story to tell regarding the birth of Anna's baby, but life around here has been crazy -- caring for three little girls and doing everything we can to help momma rest and heal. Thus, for now I'll just share the details and follow soon with the tale.

With tremendous gratitude to God, we proudly announce the birth of:
Jillian Ainsleigh
Born 16 June 2015, 6:58 pm
Weight: 8 pounds even

Both mother and baby are doing great
God abounds in lovingkindness!

The photo was taken this afternoon when Jillian was just shy of 48 hours old.

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Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! I'm beyond excited for all of you, and selfishly, I'm excited for me! I have been thinking about Anna a lot and wish her all the best. What a beautiful baby and beautiful name. Thank you for sharing a photo of your beautiful gift. (Eagerly awaiting the whole story and more pictures too! :-)