Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day to My Man

Grandpa with Jillian Ainsleigh yesterday, her fourth day of life

Oh, how I thank God for you, Jim Reynolds, as we celebrate the birth of our fourth grandchild.

You are truly the greatest father I know. Your commitment to Christ and your decades of dedicated study of the Bible have made you gentle and wise. You are like a magnet to our children. They love being with you, and what interests you interests them. This includes your love of Jesus. When you talk of your Savior, our kiddos are willing to listen because you are open and honest about your own failings and weaknesses.

Thank you for the time you invest in our twelve children and now their spouses as we're blessed with marriage after marriage. Thank you for turning your heart toward me and our kids when there are so many other things to draw your interest!

Most of all, I'm thankful to God that you are a man courageous enough to adopt. What an adventure we're traveling together! I can't begin to imagine our lives with out our tribe! I love you, and I love growing old together as we collect beautiful grandchildren. What an amazing story the Lord is writing in all these children and grandchildren after so many years of heart-rending infertility! Only God. He is so good!

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