Monday, June 1, 2015

Will Her Eyes Be Blue?

Back in April, we shared the news that our oldest daughter, Anna, is expecting again.

Aaron and Anna's third daughter is due THIS SUNDAY, June 7. At 39 weeks along, Anna is doing very well, and we thank God for the good health of both mother and baby! Aaron and Anna are planning a home delivery, Lord willing. In addition to a midwife, a doula will also attend the birth. Once they're certain Anna is in labor, they'll alert us. Then Zhenya and I will start our travel to Ohio. The tradition in our family is that the oldest daughter still living at home gets to accompany me when a new baby is born. Thus this time, it's Zhenya's turn.

When Evelyn was born, Alison traveled with me. We were so very blessed to arrive a mere 45 minutes after Evelyn's birth. I wonder what the Lord has in store this time...

Anna and Aaron are so eager to meet their little girl, as are all of us. As the time draws near for the baby girl's birth, we're wondering things like, "Will she have blue eyes and fair hair like both of her older sisters? Or is there any chance this little pixie will get her mama's dark chocolate brown eyes and thick brown hair?"

I'll keep you posted, readers, as the Lord ushers our next family member into this world. We would be grateful if you'd pray for the safety of Anna and the baby.

Brielle (top) and Evelyn, both at about 20 months old, with their oh-so blue eyes:

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Anonymous said...

We will certainly be thinking of all of you during this exciting time! I had no clue she was this far along! How excited. I can't wait to see pictures and hear how she's doing. (And hear the rest of the story of Zheyna's engagement.