Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How Josh and Zhenya Met

While you wait for the third post telling the story of Josh proposing to Zhenya, I thought you might enjoy knowing how they met. Nearly two years ago, Josh was the best man in his brother Sean's wedding. We attended the beautiful ceremony in the mountains of New Hampshire while on a trip to visit Eric Moores' family. Later that fall, Eric and our daughter, Alison would wed.

Zhenya was thrilled that we went out of our way to attend this wedding because one of her closest friends is Rachel Castille, the sister of the groom and best man.

During the reception, I was fascinated to watch Josh and Rachel dance together. There was a tremendous grace to their movement which spoke to me about the kind of friendship the siblings must have.

I was even more touched when the pair paused to watch their father dance with their little sister, whom I knew had been adopted from RUSSIA of all places.

Little did I know as I took these photos that God was putting into place the pieces that would later become the groundwork for Josh and Zhenya's love story. While Zhenya and Josh were introduced at this event, it would be another year before Mr. R got a call from Josh asking if he could court our oldest Russian. The Lord's ways are so mysterious! He abounds in lovingkindness!

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Anonymous said...

Ok, give me the tissues. Rachel is beautiful (and as a odd side note, I love her dress!) and the sibling bond is amazing. Neat that you have pictures to look back on!