Thursday, June 25, 2015

Like William and Kate?

Anna, Aaron and Jillian the morning after she was born

Today I needed to pick up a few things at Target. While I was waiting in line, my eyes wandered to one of the magazines. Instead of being repulsed by the photo as I so often am, I was drawn to a photograph of a stunningly beautiful young family. The headline read "Will, Kate and their Little Princess". As I smiled at the charm of the the British royals, I couldn't help but think of a certain family in America. They, too, are young with a growing family. They, too, have a brand-new baby girl. If featured on a magazine cover this week, their headline could read in a very similar fashion, "Aaron, Anna and their Little Princess".

This family actually has royal aspirations, too. As they raise Jillian Ainsleigh (doesn't her name even sound regal?), they will teach her about God's love for her. They will help her grasp the concept that she is a sinner (as we all are). And, Aaron and Anna will teach Jillian about God's sacrifice of His own son to pay for her sins. The other thing they will do is pray. Oh, my, but will they PRAY! They will spend countless hours on their knees entreating God to open Jillian's heart to His saving grace and mercy. Because you see, Aaron and Anna's number one goal for their brand new daughter's life is that she will fully and completely surrender her heart to Jesus. Then she will be Royalty. She will be a daughter of the King -- forever.

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