Sunday, June 7, 2015

Finding Help When Life Presses In

"Behold, God is my helper; the Lord is the uplifter of my life."
(Psalm 54:4 ESV)
"But let us strive to get more of Christ in our souls...We must look more upward; for all our help cometh from the Lord. To live near to Him---to walk humbly before Him--to enjoy much of His presence---to realize the coming glory,---this is heaven begun on earth, and should be our constantly increasing aim. To go to Him at all times--to go when our love has chilled, when the world creeps in, when creature streams pass away, when cares accumulate and anxieties press---to tell Him our case, however, bad it might be---to make use of Jesus, if I might be allowed the expression,---this, this is our happy, holy privilege. Only go to Jesus. Make all manner of excuses to go; find an errand to take you to Him in all the every day incidents of life; for in going to the Fountain of all good, we shall be more and more conformed to His Word and transformed into His image." Octavius Winslow, editor, Heaven Opened: The Correspondence of Mary Winslow, pg. 115

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