Thursday, October 21, 2010

Holding Down the Fort

Here on the home front we're missing our parents, but extremely excited about the purpose of their trip. Since today is Tatiana's official birthday (we celebrated with cake and presents a few days earlier so Mom and Dad could be with us), we decided to make lunch special by heading to a park.
Hot burritos, chips, apples, and carrots.

The birthay girl, Tatiana, with her dear friend and sister Natasha. They're little monkeys!

Jaynie, Princess Bink and I enjoyed the swings. Sometimes it's nice to act as if you hadn't anything in the world to do but swing with your little sisters!!

Happy Birthday, Tatiana! We are so blessed to have you as our sister!


The Nordstroms said...

Happy birthday from the Nordstroms,


wordgirl-momathome said...

Happy Birthday from the Etherington's Tatiana!
Jeff, Tess, Jack, Katie, and Tommy

MacMeister said...

Happy real birthday Tatiana! :-)

You all look like you're holding down the fort just fine! Of course, if anyone trangresses, you can just set Sunshine and Poochita on them, and they will soon be in submission again :lol:

Co-heir With Christ said...

Happy Birthday!

Our Family said...

Happy Birthday, my beloved Tatiana! I'm so grateful to God that He has given us such giving children. You all die to self and serve so well. It's great to see you all so happy together. Lord willing, we'll be adding 3 more to the bliss soon!


Our Family said...

Even though you're my own children, you amaze me! You all are doing far more than merely holding down the fort! I'm so glad to be your mom! Each of you is a gift from God!

Good job to whomever took the pictures--great photography! thanks for making your sister's birthday special! Tatiana--thanks for being so selfless about your parents bein g gone on your birthday. Dying to self like that is pleasing to Jesus, my beloved 13-year-old!

MUCH love, Mom