Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Journey Continues

"Only" eleven in this picture; we look forward to being a family of fourteen!

Quick update: our parents left bright and early this morning, and all of us (even the dogs) were up to see them off. They have a long day of travel ahead of them, but they are happy and eager to see their new children again.

Dear Mom and Dad,
I love you and I am praying for you. Even though I miss you, Jesus will help me to be brave. I can't wait to be a big sister!
                             Princess Bink

We're off now-some of us to schoolwork and some of us to sleep!

~Princess Bink and Lissie


Our Family said...

We miss our sweet children. What an amazing bunch! God has so blessed us with you all. As much as we already miss you (after just 2 hours), we're on our way to retrieve 3 more that we miss as well. We love you and, yes, Princess Bink, Jesus will help us all to be brave.


MacMeister said...

I'm praying for safe travels for you, Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds, that all will go smoothly for you in Russia, and that you will soon be back home as a family of FOURTEEN! :-) May your new children/siblings quickly adjust and bond with your family (as I know they will! :-)) And for the rest of you, may God be with you as you run the house and study and try to continue with "life as usual" :lol:

*HUG for Princess Bink :-)*

Co-heir With Christ said...

I can't WAIT for pictures of a family of 14!!! God bless you all!

Natalie said...

I'm so excited for you guys as you continue this great journey! I was just wondering today when you were headed to Russia since we have the 26th written on our calendar!