Friday, October 22, 2010

Party Time!

Our dear friends the Henns generously offered to throw a party for our Tatiana since our parents could not be with us to celebrate. The Sowers family and the Nordstrom family also joined the group. The party was last night, and what fun we had!

Good friends "Bugg" and Tatiana.

What a beautiful party! The Henn kids even painted birthday pictures for Tatiana.

The party table.
At the beginning of our party, we ate the delicious dinner Mrs. Henn served up; a hearty beef-stew she had "quintupled" (We decided that was the word to use when multiplying a recipe times five).

Some of the toughest, handsomest men I know: Joe, Bear, and Eddie Joe.

Everyone's favorite girl: "Squeakers" Henn.
 Squeakers is the youngest Henn, nearly four months old. She has big squishy cheeks that are a delight to kiss, and her cuteness is universally popular.

Eddie Joe Nordstrom and Erna Henn.

Mr. Henn knows how to serve up ice cream! He even got the best kind...Blue Bunny.
After dinner, cake, and ice cream, all kids-minus the baby- went out for a major game of  in-the-dark hide and seek. When it got too late for our loud game to be polite, we migrated back inside for present opening time and then wrapped up for the night. Tatiana beamed the entire way home!
Thank you Henns, Sowers, and Nordstroms, for making Tatiana's birthday special! 

And then this morning...

I found Sunshine just like this, a nonchalant expression on her face. For a time she just stood there; then all of a sudden began to dig wildly. After that, the photo shoot was over!

Miss Sunshine in need of a bath. She keeps us laughing!


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