Sunday, October 17, 2010

Welcome to Your Teens, Tatiana!

This weekend we celebrated Tatiana's 13th birthday. The celebration took place a few days before her special day because the two of us will be in Russia.

Our tradition is that the kids' dad decorates the cake, usually with a bit of humor or teasing thrown in. His effort this time is difficult to decipher in the small photo but it says, "Tinka (one of his many nicknames for Tatiana)" and then proclaims her exact age on the day of her party in fraction form "12-359/365."

The Lord added Tatiana to our family 5-1/2 years ago through adoption. She is the oldest of the second trio of our Russian siblings. She was a welcome addition to our family--and not just because she is the only blond in the tribe. When we first encountered Tatiana in her orphanage we encountered a smile that just doesn't quit. She still blesses our family with her radiant smile!

~Mrs. Beaver


The Nordstroms said...

Happy early birthday, Tatiana!!!

--Rye Bread

Natalie said...

S'dnyom roshdenya Tatiana!!!

MacMeister said...

Happy Birthday Tatiana! I like the cake - I guess you can't reduce that fraction any further :-D

Co-heir With Christ said...

Happy early birthday Tatiana! May God richly bless you throughout the rest of your life :)

Tony and Dawn said...

Just found your blog - what a blessing to read your posts! We hope Tatiana had a wonderful birthday!

Our Family said...

Thank you, Tony and Dawn, for your kind encouragement!


Andrew said...

Днем начала 13-го день рождения, Татьяна!
Я надеюсь, что вы многое другое.