Sunday, October 24, 2010

Waiting for Their Peaches

Last Saturday night we enjoyed an evening with a family from our church that is waiting to adopt. They hosted us for dinner and a few hours of fellowship in the evening. There were lots of laughs, good conversation, and all-in-all, a wonderful time!
Cassandra with our host, "Big Daddy"
"Dingleberry", our friends' dog, loves it when anyone will play tug of war with him over this stuffed Pooh Bear!

I found out during a game of two-hand-touch football that "Big Fella" is sweet option for the short pass route!

"Big Daddy" and "Bo" taking some time to catch up with each other

Although "Sunshine" (center) was disappointed that Tessa couldn't be with us, she found a distraction in entertaining the little ones

This entertainment for the little ones soon turned into entertainment for all!

Jaynie and twins "Rye Bread" and "T-Bird" provided us with some praise music later in the evening

We dearly love this family, not only for their love for us but also for their deep love for Jesus and those who are hurting in the world. They long for the call that will bring the news of which little girl God has chosen for them. Because of the depth of their desire to care for this little girl (whom they have affectionately nicknamed "Peaches"), the wait has often been painful for them. We continue to pray that they will receive their good news soon, and that until then, God will wrap them in His comforting arms!

(Our friends are the authors of the blog Room for More. Please consider following their blog and praying for them as they seek to follow Jesus in the area of caring for the vulnerable and in all areas of life!)

This row of shoes at our friends' front door is missing one small, special pair!

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The Nordstroms said...

How very kind of you! We count it a privilege to call you our friends. Thanks for a great night of fun!