Sunday, October 3, 2010


One of the marvels we have been privileged to witness repeatedly with our three adoptions is the "making" of siblings. Blood doesn't create brothers and sisters, God does. And, He is capable of taking children from different fathers and mothers, different families, different regions of the same country and even different continents and create a sibling bond. He is able to make the magic of friendship the glue of this sibling bond. We're in awe of the strength of the love our children have for one another. The Lord is a great God whose works exceed our hopes and dreams.

The photos below are good reminders to our family that God creates siblings.

Since we entered this adoption process, people frequently ask if the three children we're adopting are siblings. We know that what they're trying to ask is if they are biologically related. We ignore the intent of their question, get a big grin on our faces and say, "They're about to be!" We know God is just about to "make" siblings again. What a wonderful God He is!

"Come and see the works of God,
who is awesome in His deeds toward the sons of men."
(Psalm 66:5)

~Mrs. Beaver


MacMeister said...

So true! Anyone who has had the privilege of spending time with you all can see how you truly are a loving family, deeply bonded together in love and in Christ! :-) I know that God will solidify the already strong bonds between you and your newest children/siblings and that they will feel a true part of your family!

Our Family said...

Thanks, Mac, for your kind, encouraging words! It was great to have you and your brother be part of our summer!

Mrs. Beaver