Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Quiet Request

Mrs. Beaver:

The woman (on the left) was our interpreter when we went to court two years ago to adopt Daria, Alexander and Oksana. We were so pleased to learn when we arrived in our children's region on our recent trip that she was to be our interpreter again as we visited their orphanage. What a heart this woman has for orphans! That large heart was unexpectedly tugged in a painful way when we visited the "older girls' room." There this teen, Olga, hugged her tightly, looked in her eyes and said beseechingly, "Would you please find me a family?"

Please join us in beseeching the Father of the Fatherless on Olga's behalf. Please, please cry out that He will locate the perfect family for her before she ages out. At that point, the statistical chances of her eventually turning to prostitution or suicide reach eighty percent!

For more information about Olga or other children waiting to be liberated from their status as orphans, visit The Russian Orphan Lighthouse website. We highly recommend you follow Becky's blog listed in the sidebar there or click our link here. What she shares rings so true to what we've experienced. If you use FaceBook, considered following Becky's posts there. She often shares opportunities to pray for orphan-related specifics. She also shares happy endings! Not everyone can adopt, but everyone can pray!

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Lissie said...

I've been praying for this dear. She had such a sweet light in her eyes, but it was so painful to love on my siblings in front of her hungry heart.