Saturday, September 29, 2012


Mrs. Beaver:

When we were at our children's orphanage on the first day of September, we got to see a preschool program marking the beginning of school. We've since learned that in Russia school begins on September 1st every year, and is a shortened day called "First Bell" that's seen as a celebration. The little girls wear big white bows in their hair and the children take flowers or candy to their teachers.

As we watched the preschoolers perform during our time in their orphanage, the little orphan in these photos was captivated by what she saw, and I, in turn, was captivated by the beauty of her profile.

Once we got back to America, Becky, the coordinator here, told me the little girl's younger sister is sitting on the far side of her in this photo. This adorable duo of siblings is available for adoption. For more information about these sister or others like them, contact Becky at (612) 245-3216 or click on Becky's name to be linked to a flyer with many orphan photos and more details.

I hope that a family soon rescues these young sisters from their status as orphans through the Russian Orphan Lighthouse Project (our adoption service provider). Then Becky can provide them with copies of photos we were enabled by God to take during our time at the orphanage. I would be so pleased to have been used by the Lord to give these girls the littlest bit of a photographic record, since older orphans from Russia normally enter their new families without a single picture of their lives up to that point no matter what age they are.

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