Friday, September 7, 2012

Tour Red Square with Us

Mrs. Beaver:

This afternoon Mr. Beaver and I walked to Red Square. Come join us on our tour:

This dramatic horse statue is a favorite of our family's. When we all traveled to Moscow to bring home Daria, Alexander and Oksana, we took a photo of all twelve kids here. By then it was too cold for the fountains to be running!
Here's a slightly different view:
A Russian tradition is to have the bride and groom be photographed in front of landmarks in their home town. Moscow is, of course, full of beautiful settings for wedding pictures. Above is the first bride we saw on this Friday afternoon. We saw several more before returning to our hotel.
We saw this second bride and groom almost immediately. The groom had just given the bride his jacket. We didn't know whether the two soldiers or police following the wedding party were protecting them or simply there by a coincidence.
I wish I had my Moscow tour book with me to explain the history of more of the buildings and towers in the Red Square/Kremlin Wall area, but I don't. I hope you enjoy the sights anyway.
These domes sit atop one of the churches within the Kremlin Walls. Today they looked especially dramatic shining in the sun with dark rain clouds hovering behind them.
After being up for 19 hours, I'm out of spiz to continue this post. Hopefully more tomorrow from airports as we head for home.
While I've been writing, Mr. Beaver. has been IM'ing with Lissie. Her stomach isn't feeling well tonight. Wendy and Scott are wondering if the culprit might be milk direct from a neighbor's cow, even though it was boiled before Lissie had any. At any rate, would you please join us in praying for her to be healed by the Great Physician?

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Alyson said...

Whew....quite a journey, full of emotions!! Continuing to pray for strength and His grace to cover you all. Your family is leading such a worshipful life. What an inspiration....Blessings.