Thursday, September 20, 2012

Trip into Town, Part 3

Mrs. Beaver:

After my last post about going to the bazaar in Lissie's new home, I realized I hadn't finished sharing the story of going by taxi into the city center.

The goal that day was to register Lissie to study at the university. However, all along the way, Scott was teaching her about the ins and outs of life in this Central Asian country. In this radically different culture, everything that day was an adventure.

Lissie and her dad just before they entered the building to register her for course work.
After they disappeared, I did some serious people watching.
In this, the most cosmopolitan of places in the country, the women wore a variety of dress styles.
Some wore head coverings; some didn't. Scott told us that on campus the women are discouraged by the university president from wearing them.

 Meanwhile, the men were dressed primarily in white shirts, ties and dark trousers.
And a detail for our female readers...
As Lissie packed she was pleased to learn that flats are in fashion.
In the country where Jaynie lived very high heels were expected.
I wish I'd been fast enough with my camera to catch this beautiful little girl from the front as she crossed the campus wearing her school uniform. Since we'd just been in Russia and seen our own children in similar uniforms, she caught my eye. I love her shoes. I have to conclude that pink is a favorite color amongst little girls the world over!
Scott, Mr. Beaver and Lissie emerging from the building--mission accomplished!
More on our trip into town soon.

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