Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Dress Maker, Dress Maker Make Me a Dress"

Mrs. Beaver:

On our last day with Lissie in her new location, we packed in a great deal. First thing in the morning, Lissie went with Wendy and her daughters to the dress maker's home to check on the progress of the local clothing Wendy had arranged for her in advance of Lissie's arrival.
So Lissie donned her head scarf again. In an effort to honor the locals, Lissie will wear clothing according to local custom. Unlike what was necessary for her sister, Jaynie, in another Central Asian country last year, Lissie won't be required to wear a burqa when out in public.
 Here's Lissie with the seamstress.
The dress was yet unmade, which Wendy said was unusual for this normally timely woman. However, the fact that the fabric was still just a pile of cloth gave Lissie the chance to Have input on the shape of  the neckline.
Katie (left) and Anna (center) took the opportunity to interact with the dress maker's daughter as she held their brother, Will. These girls (and their brother Michael) are remarkable at making friends wherever their parents' work takes them. At their young ages, they are truly ambassadors!
 By the time the outing was over, Will was sound asleep.
One of the family's three kittens was only too glad to reclaim it's favorite spot as the sleeping baby was lifted from his stroller.
Will's nap was a short one, and before long we all gathered to go to the local bazaar, about a twenty minute walk from their home.
We passed by goat herders on the way... well as a family cow grazing at the side of the road.
When we reached the bazaar we immediately found it to be a place of wonder for these westerners!
I thought my picture taking with my very obvious, good-sized Nikon DSLR coupled with a zoom lens might not be tolerated. I looked to Scott for my cues as to what was acceptable and honoring to the people we were amongst. Scott coached that I was fine taking pictures as long as people didn't object. No one showed the slightest hesitation. Oh, happy day! Thank you, Lord! I prayed over and over again. I'd leave this once-in-a-lifetime travel opportunity with plenty of pictures. What a blessing!
Once we entered the bazaar, fabric was everywhere. Fabric for clothing. Fabric for tablecloths. Fabric for bedding. Heavy fabrics. Light fabrics.
The variety of colors and pattern and textures was overwhelming! Vendor after vendor selling fabric. I was in heaven. Mr. Beaver? Well...not so much! Mr. Beaver, Scott and Michael (who was in a sling because he'd broken his wrist the day we arrived) quickly found another way to pass the time.
The women's goal was to find Lissie additional material to have more local clothing made.
Wendy guided her...
...but decision making proved difficult when faced with so many choices!
In the end, Lissie found a material that suited her. The cost? The equivalant of $4!
Passing a couple of hours strolling the bazaar helped Mr. Beaver and me to more fully understand that our daughter will spend the next few months in a very different world, filled with new sights, sounds and smells. We cast our precious girl into the hands of our Father--and hers--to care for her as she adjusts.


Alyson said...

Will be praying for her as she impacts the world for His name's sake. Praying for your heart as her momma. What a joy she must bring to you and your husband's hearts. Blessings!

Denise said...

Alyson, thank you for your supportive comments. This past week especially they have ministered to my heart. It is a tremendous transition to have Lissie living across the world. She has gone for the the right reason--Jesus is worth it! (A quote from the excellent book "Reckless Abandon")Despite the "rightness", the ache still exists for those of us here and she's encountered powerful homesickness. So, thanks for reading our blog, thanks for commenting, and thanks for praying. Your prayers mean SO much!