Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Art of Ice

Yesterday we visited another favorite place on the North Shore--Temperance River State Park. In the photo below it looks a bit like the first state park we visited early in the week.

The difference is that this state park has an easily accessible
beach filled with great rocks for hurling into the lake.

Our rock throwers, Alexander and Jaynie, were quite happy to give their throwing arms a workout.

Oksana enjoyed crawling around on the gravel. Her delight in new experiences is a joy to watch.
After a full life in an orphanage, everything is fresh. The things she sees have texture she's never been able to explore. All five senses are stimulated. The world is new, and she loves the opportunity to investigate it.

The rest of us began exploring the area around the gravel beach.
We quickly figured out was there was a layer of ice under the few inches of snow we were trudging through.
Several of us took feet-flying falls as a way of confirming this conclusion.

Once we became aware of the ice, and its danger
 I carefully moved close to the water's edge to
appreciate the beauty of God's handiwork there.

While I was capturing God's artwork with our camera, the others were exploring the large rocks nearby.

Tatiana found a very long icicle all her own.

Meanwhile, Natasha found a sun baked hideaway in a corner of one of the giant boulders
It was a bit warmer today but still only about 20 degrees.

A few of the girls climbed to the top of the rocks.
Daria pleased with her the results
of struggling up the rocks.

We have always loved traveling together, but there is a bitter sweetness to this tri
 knowing that this is the last time "just" the 14 of us will be together.
Good thing we're concentrating on gaining Aaron as a wonderful son,
rather than allowing ourselves to entertain thoughts of losing Tessa!

When our family members started huddling together for warmth...

...we knew it was time to head "home."

I asked my family for just enough time to capture some photos of ice-encapsulated bushes.

God's art work is stunning! He is majestic, and that majesty extends to His creation!

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