Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gotta Love Those Round Numbers!

Mrs. Beaver:

"Doing" math isn't my strength, but I've always loved number patterns. Today is unique in our household and that of some dear friends. In each home, a big event is drawing near. Each countdown rolled to a round number today.

In sixty days, Tessa and Aaron will be married.

In forty days, Russ and Heather will go to court in Ethiopia to add four-year-old "Peaches" to their family of seven.

Our friends, Russ and Heather. We've watched their marriage grow even
sweeter and stronger as they've waited for nearly a year for their daughter.
In both the engagement and the adoption, we've been privileged to watch God at work, moving in hearts, changing lives, creating families, while providing strength and grace in the process.

We'll keep you posted (ahhhhhh---a blog pun!) on each of these wonderful events, but in the meantime we encourage you to keep an eye on Russ and Heather's blog, Room for More. They have developed an amazing heart for orphans and are remarkably articulate in defending the oppressed, just as God commands us to do.


The Nordstroms said...

40 days!!! AHHHH! We leave for Eth. 5 weeks from today! Love the pics of A & A and of us. Thank you for your love & support!

MacMeister said...

I love round numbers too - especially when events like these are at the end of them! ;-)