Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hot Chocolate and Herbal Tea


Oksana creates a new taste sensation: hot chocolate stirred in with herbal essence tea!

A few days ago I caught my youngest sister in the act of combining her herbal tea with hot chocolate. Not exactly my idea of a tasty mix! Apparently she didn’t think it was too great either, because a few minutes later she was telling one of my siblings, “Nee kaishu,” which is her unique version of the Russian words for “I don’t want it.”

As amusing as this escapade was, it does illustrate how my youngest sister is learning and experimenting developmentally. This particular event was perhaps not too unusual for a child her age, but I've watched some of her other experiments, such as repeatedly trying out doorknobs or lightswitches, that show a toddler-like perception of the world. Oksana is very capable physically, but her understanding of the world has not caught up to her dexterity. I think it’s a little sad to see the depth of the neglect she was shown by her mother in the fact that at six years old she is now progressing through the stages normally experienced by toddlers.

However, I have great hope for Oksana, because I have watched God do a great miracle in Princess Bink’s development. When she came to our home she was so small, malnourished and unresponsive that she seemed barely alive. Now God has transformed her into an energetic lover of life.

Princess Bink in her orphanage director's office in Russia

After watching this great miracle, I believe God can and will heal my new sister from the effects of all the neglect she endured. That’s one of the things He does best!

Look what God is doing in my little sister Princess Bink's life!


Scott said...

Thanks joe, Great post! Full of Hope and confidence in the grace of God - along with the testimony of What God is already doing. Grow our Faith, Lord! Amen

MacMeister said...

How wonderful that you are able to provide the loving environment that Oksana needs to grow and develop, not only physically and mentally, but also spiritually!