Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So Many Decisions...

Our soon-to-be bride, Tessa, has quickly learned that one of the prominent aspects of wedding planning is untold number of decisions involved. Today she tackled yet another set of choices--the flowers.

She puzzled over countless photos in books and listened to the advice of the florist.

Tessa's sister, best friend AND maid-of-honor, Lissie, was on hand to help with the surprising number of small decisions that will each play a role in the feel of the wedding.

The job of settling on flowers seemed large, and yet in just an hour and a half, the determinations for which flower, which color, and which shape of bouquet had been made, along with the many other more minor decisions. The bride was happy and relieved!

I sent the two friends off to Starbucks for a celebratory coffee while I marveled at how faithful God has been throughout this planning process. Anyone who has been through an international adoption of multiple older children would tell you that the last thing you would also want to take on in the early adjustment stage is preparing for an imminent wedding. However, God has been so good to us; over and over the major steps in the planning have almost effortlessly fallen into place. We've experienced the joy one would hope for in getting ready for such a happy event. We're all still smiling! Thank you, Lord!

~ Mrs. Beaver


S'mores said...

Looks like you guys had fun! Did Tessa and Lissie coordinate their outfits on purpose? :)

Jamie and Marcos said...

Marcos amd I just love to see all that God is doing as the day draws near for you both! We are very excited and praying for you both always!