Sunday, January 2, 2011

Feasting with Friends

Because of all the uncertainties with the adoption process last year, our family never went on a vacation. (The trip to Russia as a family was INCREDIBLE, but didn't quite qualify as a relaxing vacation!) So during this first week in January, we are sneaking off to one of our favorite spots in the world: the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota.

On the way to our destination we stopped at the home of our dear friends, Gary and Amanda, (for more info see A Few Photos from our First Full Day at Home). One of the highlights of our time together was a huge Thanksgiving-style meal on New Year's Eve. Amanda's brother, Victor, who was visiting from Guatemala, skillfully carved the two turkeys. (Amanda is originally from Guatemala.)

It was good that Amanda had purchased two turkeys because she fed 18 teens and young adults...

...our three little ones and a table full of adults. 

Everyone had plenty to eat, except perhaps the poor, frantically busy hostess who was still nibbling after everyone else was finished.

After this glorious meal, the kids played a game for a while...

...and then Gary and Amanda kindly celebrated the 19th birthday of our New Year Day twins, Joe and Lissie, a day early. The broke out an enormous chocolate cake and a cheesecake.

We all watched as Cassandra masterfully carved the beautiful chocolate cake (Joe and Lissie's favorite flavor).

Th cake was as delicious as it was tall, and we all enjoyed it...

....especially Princess Bink.

Joe and Lissie were overjoyed to spend their birthday with some of their closest friends. God has been so good to bless us with an enduring friendship with people who have such servant hearts.


The Nordstroms said...

Happy Birthday Joe & Lissie!

Drew said...

Happy birthday! I hope you have many more.

MacMeister said...

What a feast! :-)

Happy Birthday Joe and Lissie!

S'mores said...

Happy Birthday Joe & Lissie! :D

May God bless you both greatly in this coming year!


Sophie said...

Happy Birthday Joe and Lissie!