Monday, January 10, 2011

Wet and Wonderful

Last week while on vacation, some serious swimming took place, after all we have a tribe of kids who love the water.

This was the first time we'd seen any of our new three children in a pool. We discovered quickly that Alexander was a good swimmer who LOVES the sport. Every day he would question us repeatedly about whether swimming would be part of the day's agenda. I think he was trying to wear us down so that we couldn't help but say yes!

We also discovered quickly that our little one is a fish--that doesn't know how to swim yet. Oksana is fearless when it comes to H2O. She repeatedly demonstrated that she was willing to jump in whether someone was prepared to catch her or not.

Even while sitting on the side of the pool shivering she was so very, very happy. You've seen the faces of so many sad, broken orphans. This is the face of a former orphan filled with delight, glee, rapture, joy--you pick the adjective. We are more than ready to declare that all the paperwork, time, expense, exhaustion and sacrifice of self have proven to be well worth it!

Just over a year ago, when we first saw a photo of Oksana, but didn't yet know whether we'd even have the opportunity to adopt her, Joe said with soul-deep passion, "She just HAS to be ours." On this vacation he was one of Oksana's primary targets as she leaped into the pool. 

Having the chance to vacation together six weeks into the adoption turned out to be a real blessing. We were able to focus on getting to know each other and laughing together, instead of having to attend to things like keeping the house clean and going to work each day. What a gift from the Lord this trip was! He truly is a giver of good gifts.

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S'mores said...

Everyone looks SO happy!