Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Surprise Phone Call

If this looks like a happy teenager on the phone--you're right

 If you think this is the average American teenage girl telephone call--you're wrong.

Daria is anything but an average teenage American girl at this point. She's only lived in America for about six weeks, is still just starting to learn English and is just starting to grasp American culture.

On the other end of the phone line is a teenage girl who fits the exact same description. Katya was adopted from the same orphanage in September, about two months before Daria was added to our family.

Daria had told us that Katya had been her best friend in Russia so Mr. Beaver researched how the two girls could get in touch.

When Mr. Beaver handed his cell phone to Daria and told her who was on the other end of the line, her eyes got big and what followed was...instant joy. I was in the room working on a project and knew there was no danger of eavesdropping because I can't understand much Russian even when it's spoken very slowly. And, this was perhaps the most animated conversation I've ever heard.

Mr. Beaver and I want to help Daria and Alexander stay in touch with old friends, just as we would want to do so if we were in their shoes. This phone call brought such happiness to Daria as she was able to "compare notes" with a dear friend who is also now here in America.

BTW, Katya turned 16-years-old the month after she was adopted, and Daria will turn 16 in March. Please take a look at the current post of the blog of our oldest daughters, Tessa and Lissie. "Impassioned Purity," on the right side of our blog, has a short video on what is an all too common path for female orphans in Russia when they age out of the system. By God's mercy and grace, two precious young women have been liberated from a bleak future. They have been given the gift of hope.


MacMeister said...

That's great that Daria can stay in touch with old friends who are also going through the same experiences!

Sophie said...

Praise the Lord! That must have been such a special time for her!