Sunday, January 9, 2011

Video: God's Heart: Adoption

Mrs. Beaver:

This video speaks to why Mr. Beaver and I have adopted so many times. Mr. Beaver and I have been ADOPTED! (This will come as a surprise to our parents. :-) ) As a result of our adoption, we have a perfect Father. How could we do any less than follow our Father's example for children who are without--without parents, without family, without a home, sometimes without enough to eat or clothes to wear, usually without the opportunity to hear about our perfect Father and His sacrifice of His beloved son, our Saviour, Jesus?

Before you watch, you'll want to mute our music which is located on the right side column under all the photos. You may also need to lett tthe video stream once and then you'll be able to watch the whole thing straight through.

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S'mores said...

Oh boy, what is it with y'all posting videos that send shivers up my spine and make my eyes water? :-) Wow, thanks you for posting that, it was an awesome short film...and, as for this statement at the end, "God gave us adoption..." "...can we offer them any less?", all I can say is Amen and amen!