Friday, February 11, 2011

All in a Friday Afternoon

When you're part of an extra large family, you hear many of the same expressions over and over from people.

One that we often hear is, "I bet life is never dull at your house!" This particular sentiment is certainly true. Life is full of variety, and sometimes a bit of humor, too.

This afternoon Alexander was reading to Jaynie in English as part of his school work.

As he was reading, he commented that his tongue gets much more tired reading English aloud than it does when he reads Russian.

After some tongue gymnastics, Alexander concluded that the culprit in English is the "th" sound. There is no equivalent in Russian.

Rather than shying away from the "th" sound, Alexander spent the afternoon slipping the consanant blend in all sorts of creative places. For example, our puppy, Sunshine, became "Thunthine" on the tip of his twisted tongue!

I missed most of Alexander's mouth mayhem because I tagged along with Tessa as she vistited her stylist, Mallory, for a practice run on her wedding hair-do.

The entire process took about two hours, so Tessa looked through books of wedding hairdos for ideas.

Mallory teased the top to add height, which made Tessa wince!

 Both Tessa and I were quite pleased with Mallory's efforts.

However, the unveiling...

...will have to wait until the wedding.


Sophie said...

what a wonderful day! Alexander sounds like quite the fun:)
And Tessa...can't wait to see pictures of the real thing! What a special time!

Jamie and Marcos said...

Cant wait to see the do!

MacMeister said...

Who would have THought? Glad that Alexander is practicing the sounds that give him trouble :-)

Sounds/looks like you and Tessa had fun too! I can't wait to see the final hairdo!

Pete said...

Man, I was getting excited, I was talking with Aaron at church today, and asked him what Tessa's hairdo was going to be, and he said he couldn't explain it. When I saw the first couple pictures and I was like yes! So Aaron can't explain it but I can just see it! Oh wait...never mind I can't! Can't wait until next week!