Monday, February 7, 2011

Courtship: Last Visit Before Wedding

Mrs. Beaver:

Much to Tessa's delight, Aaron paid us another visit this weekend (with the blessing of our frequent flyer miles built up during adoption trips to Russia last year).

This time Aaron came not just to see Tessa but also to meet Tessa's grandparents before the wedding. Originally the plan was for both sets of grandparents to come. However, my parents, who were do to fly last Wednesday, got grounded by the massive snow storm that crippled the nation in the middle of the week.

Mr. Beaver's mom, Jane (right), and her sister, Jean, were able to travel on Friday. Mr. Beaver's mom was widowed when he was seven. Aunt Jean, who was single, helped Jane and her three sons through the horrible loss. Aunt Jean has been an integral part of the family ever since. She's just like another grandparent.

Last night Tessa and Aaron opened a gift from family friends, the Moores. The package arrived several days before Aaron did. It carried a note that said, "Do not open until Aaron arrives." Once they opened the package, we understood why. The gift was...

..."Together Mittens!" The three-mitten set keeps your hands warm while holding hands. Perfect for this inseparable couple!

Since the pair is going to honeymoon on the north shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota in late March when it will still be CHILLY and spring will still be only a dream, these "Together Mittens" are perfect.

Thanks, Moores family for your creativity and thoughtfulness! We love you!


MacMeister said...

It's so great to see your two families and now extended families growing closer together!

And those mittens are fantastic! Wherever did the Moores find those? :-D

S'mores said...

Yay! They arrived on time, our plan worked. We saw them in the store and thought they were so hilarious! Just couldn't resist sending them. Love Anna's expression! (Mrs. M)

Lacey said...

Haha! I've never seen anything like that before! By the way, thank you SO much for inviting me to your wedding! I'm hoping to come up if I can. :-) Love you girls!