Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love is Thicker than Blood

No fancy post this time, simply a photo of our oldest Russian adoptee, Jaynie (17) and our youngest Russian adoptee, Oksana (6) while our family was still in Moscow in November.

Isn't our God good that He could create such a strong bond so quickly across two continents, two regions of the massive country of Russia, as well as two sets of unrelated birth mothers and birth fathers? He is a God whose goodness is unlimited. He is a God whose power is untapped. He is a God whose love is the glue that holds our unusual family together. He is a God who is marvelous beyond description. Whether I think about Jaynie's adoption, nearly 10 years ago, or Oksana's adoption, just over 10 weeks ago, I stand amazed at our God.

(Photo taken by Lissie)

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Jamie and Marcos said...

Yes! This reminds me of the line in a song I think is called , "What do I know of Holy." that says. " Where have I even stood But the shore along Your ocean?" We have only even begun to see here what a magnificent God we serve ....Praise Him ( :