Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Mrs. Beaver:

Three months ago today we arrived home from our journey to pick up the three new children we'd gone to court to adopt in Russia. Three months ago day we began life together at home.

As we mark this anniversary, we are overwhelmed by God's goodness. Each of us is doing far better after such a short amount of time than we would have dared to expect. Already we are a cohesive unit. Already we are better off with our three newbies than we were before them. We never realized it, but it was as though we were a rainbow that was missing some of it's colors. Through Daria, Alexander and Oksana, the Lord has filled in what was missing. As a result, there is now more laughter, more fun, more curiosity, more kindness and more generosity to the makeup of our family. Love reigns in our home.

As He so often does, God has gone "above and beyond what all that we could ask or think." (Eph. 3:20)

Our family's togetherness really began during the few days we were all able to spend in Moscow as the adoption was being finalized. What a blessing that trip was, truly a gift from our good God! Here are a few photos from that trip.

Our initial meeting as a family on one of the busiest street in Moscow.
Mr. Beaver, who arrived in Russia three day before me, kept it a
secret from the new kids that I was brining all their new siblings along.

Tessa and Alexander within their first hour together

Daria's bliss as she's sandwiched between her brand new oldest sisters, Tessa and Lissie
During our time together in Moscow we enjoyed food and fellowship
at McDonalds. Little did we know what an impression this would make on
Alexander who became passionate in his love of the cheesburger produced
under the Golden Arches. Since coming to America he angles for a McDonalds
cheeseburger at every opportunity. In his broken English he says,
"I Mr. Cheeseburger."

Daria reading the Chronicles of Narnia in Russian to Jaynie in one of the flats we rented.
We would quickly learn that Daria is a skilled, voracious reader.
We wish we'd bought more books in Russian for her while we had the chance.

I had intended to include more photos, but I'm TIRED--I took 11children clothing shopping this afternoon!


Sophie said...

Congratulations! The Lord has blessed you exceedingly and it is exciting to see what He has in store for your family! And way to go on the shopping-- no wonder you're tired out:)

S'mores said...

Wow Mrs. Beaver, I'm impressed. 11 kids all at the same time? You're amazing. :)