Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Prized Bow...

Mrs. Beaver:

Yesterday I got to watch as our oldest daughter, Tessa, was transformed by a special hairdo into a "princess for a day" in anticipation of her upcoming wedding.

The sight of Tessa in her special hairdo took me back to October when I got to watch as our youngest daughter, Oksana, was transformed by a special hairdo into a "princess for a day" in celebration of her adoption.


After a grueling day and a half of testimony in a Russian courtroom, Mr. Beaver and I heard the words we longed for. The judge declared us the parents of Daria (15), Alexander (11) and Oksana (6).

Once the court's decree was handed down, the two of us rode with our new children, as well as the orphanage's director and social worker to the kids' orphanage. There we were deeply privleged to get to spend five hours with Daria and Alexander as our tour guides.

When they took us into the area of the building where the youngest children--including Oksana--resided, we arrived just in time to get to watch a young helper weaving an elaborate bow into our little girl's long, silky hair.

That afternoon as we watched, the deft fingers of the young worker wove finery
into the hair of all the girls in the preschool area.

All of the little girls got bows that day, but only one little girl got the elaborate white bow...

...and only one preschool child got parents that day.


Tessa will don that special "princess" hairdo again to celebrate her dream-come-true as she marries her Prince Charming in March. 

Oksana will never don the enormous, "princess" bow again, but that's okay. She is celebrating her dream-come-true every day. She's been granted what orphans all around the world wish for and dream about... parents.

Does the Lord want to use you in 2011 to make an orphan's dream come true?

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Samuel said...

That picture of Oksana hugging her daddy, and the next sitting on his lap with joy, happiness, and sense of security written all over her face brought tears to my eyes. How great, how GREAT! Is the God we serve!

God richly bless you all!! I always come away from your blog encouraged in my faith!

Thank you for the unashamed stance you take on the Lord, and His kingdom work.