Sunday, February 6, 2011

Haiti's Children Through Our Friend's Lens

Mrs. Beaver:

We've asked our friend, Therese Miller, to photograph Tessa's wedding. We were so pleased when she said, "Yes" to our request. The Lord has given Therese has an amazing eye for capturing the heart of a moment.

The Lord has also given this 21-year-old a heart for oppressed children. Her heart yearns that all children might have a chance at life and a chance at the abundant life promised by Jesus.

Just this past week, Therese returned from a trip to Haiti. Please visit her family's blog (Adventures with the Millers) to see the powerful way in which this gifted photographer and graphic designer has intertwined photos that capture the beauty of Haiti's youngest residents--just a year after that nation's devastating earthquake--with Christ's call to all Christians.

I encourage you also to look at Therese's first post after returning from Haiti (Haiti I Love). There she's shared many of photos from her trip. When I talked to Therese this week, she said, "I think everyone should visit Haiti." I'm eager to hear more when she comes for the wedding!

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