Thursday, February 24, 2011

Today was THE Day!

Mrs. Beaver:

On the other side of the world in the impoverished nation of Ethiopia, our dear friends, the Nordstroms, met their daughter today. They've been anticipating the moment for nearly fifteen months.

Having walked a similar path during our three international adoptions, we're thrilled for them.

The Nordstroms will go to court on Monday to become the parents of the four-year old, whom they've nicknamed Peaches. Then in about a month they'll return to take "Peaches" home.

These photos were taken at a "Donations Shower" held at our church a couple of weeks ago. (Peaches face has to remain covered in posted photos until all of the legal process is finished.)

The Nordstroms packed four large totes full of supplies for Peach's orphanage in the capitol, Addis Abba, which is called Hannah's Hope. In a way, this allowed all of us to "visit orphans in their distress" (James 1:27). Russ told us during a slide presentation at the shower that the essentials are so scarce in this country where there are 5 million orphans that they wash disposable diapers and reuse them!

The Nordstroms aren't the first from our church to adopt from Ethiopia.
The Henns adopted brothers from the African nation about 3-1/2 years ago.

Here is Buzzard with all of his sons, Oggie, Bear and Dash.

Buzzard returned to Ethiopia in late December on a missions trip to help
Look Development bring internet access to the group's school and orphanage.
He also helped with the construction of a second school building. Buzz also
met with the child that he and his family sponsor through Look Development.

Buzzard's trip fueled the excitement of the Nordstrom's twins,
T-Bird and Rye Bread. The boys, who are 14 and educated at home,
are traveling with their parents on this first trip. Their older sister, Sunshine,
was unable to go due to missing too many days at her public high school.
The family hopes she will be able to travel on the second trip.

During the shower, Jaynie served punch. Cassandra made
a giant chocolate cake (one of Mr. Nordstrom's favorites)
and served it during the party.

If ever there were two girls rooting to get Peaches home,
it's our Jaynie and Cassandra. After all, they know
what its like to be a little girl in an orphange.
Jaynie was eight and Cassandra seven when we adopted them.

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