Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Birthdays are Hard

Mrs. Beaver:

The boy who will some day be the youngest of our six sons turned 10 today. (He's the little-dare devil poised to fall shoulder first into the pool. The other two are his older brothers.) While he may not be our son yet legally, the Lord has deeply written this precious child on our hearts. He's our son. He's our boy. We love him already, which means our hearts ached knowing that he reached double digits without a birthday celebration. We know from Alexander's stories of his life in the orphanage that while the "home" kids (children who have a home and parents) at the community school bring in candy to hand out in the classroom on their birthdays, the orphans aren't able to take a in treat for their class on their special day. So on the day that should stand out for its extra happiness, the fatherless children face the stigma, perhaps even tinged with bitterness, of being "different."

Birthdays are hard. But at least his birthday has nudged us to pray with extra fervency that God would cast His light on this orphan's life, preparing Him to rapidly grasp the beauty of the gospel.