Friday, June 15, 2012

Secretly Glad

Mrs. Beaver:

Since Brielle's nursing had to be supplemented with bottles due to her initial weight loss, Lissie and I each got the delight of aiding in her feeding many times during the few days we spent with her.

Here Lissie is feeding her first niece on a quick stop we made at Aaron and Anna's to say our good-byes early Thursday morning before we headed to the airport.


Kayleen said...

Babies have to be one of the greatest joys! They are so perfect. Small hands,small feet, their little mouth and nose. They are precious! You are very blessed. Lissie looks like she has had some practice with babies ;) How fun. May God bless you!!!!

In Christ,

Our Family said...

We so appreciate you rejoicing with us as we rejoice in this beautiful new life given to us by God! Thank you, Kayleen!