Monday, June 18, 2012

The Comfort of the Word "My"

Mrs. Beaver:

I found a wonderful book recently through Grace and Truth Books (a favorite web book seller!) called Voices from the Past with short-but-powerful daily readings from a variety of Puritan authors.

Today's reading blessed me deeply as I face major surgery at the Mayo Clinic next week. I'm clinging to God tightly and the words below encouraged me. Perhaps they will comfort or challenge you.

"God is the happiness of man because of His suitableness to the soul...Tasting this manna tramples on the onions of Egypt. God is true happiness of the soul because He is an eternal good. As the sun never sets, so the soul that rests in God has an eternal Sabbath...This all-sufficient, suitable, and eternal God is the saint's peculiar portion, and therefore causes infinite satisfaction. God is my portion forever...The pronoun 'my' is worth so much to the soul. Luther said much religion lies in the pronouns. All our consolation indeed consists in this pronoun. He is my God. All the joys of the believer are hung upon this one string. Break this and all is lost. I have sometimes thought how David rolls this word as a lump of sugar under his tongue: 'I love you, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold' (Psalm 18:1-2). George Swinnock, Works, IV:7-12
Clinging to my perfect, precious Saviour,


Jason M. said...

I'm really sorry to hear about the upcoming surgery. I've got my family praying for you! Hope it goes great, and that the recovery goes well!

Denise said...

Thank you, very, very much, Jason! The whole family appreciates your family's prayers because what affects mom affects everyone. Also, we have four children in Russia written on our hearts. Our prayer is that this surgery will prepare us to adopt them and ready me to fully be the kind of mama they've never had.

Jason M. said...

Definitely! I'm confident God's got a reason and He's working it out for your good. And hopefully it's somehow for the good of the ones in Russia too.

Natalie said...

You are in our prayers!!!
We love you and your family dearly.
Always so thankful for all of you and your amazing testimony to us.

SamUEL Finch said...

I'm praying for you Mrs Beaver! I am praying not only that your health would be restored, but also that you will go into your surgery without fear and anxiety!

Denise said...

Natalie, Your words of love and support mean so much to me. To be loved is such a precious gift. To be prayed for at a time like this is a treasure. I, too, love you and your family and your testimony of living amongst the people who have become so important to us in Russia amazes us on this end. Thank you for all that you and Jon do!

Denise said...

Thank you, SamUEL! MOST grateful for those prayers! As the Brits would say, you're "spot on" in seeing my needs. Thank you!!!!

Jamie and Marcos said...

Oh Denise what a blanket of prayer will be upon you as you head to surgery, especially from us. God speed your healing and restore you in service to Him! We just love you so much. Thank you for your words as I rest here among 2500 teens at camp in Texas. I surely am praying the pronoun "My" will be inserted before Gods name to many hear especially our sweet son. Thank you for your prayers as always.