Thursday, June 21, 2012


Mr. & Mrs. Beaver:

This week we dressed up for a special occassion.

With God's above-and-beyond grace,
our twins, Lissie and John (20), have completed college!

Such a milestone called for a visit to the fanciest restaurant in town
that we might declare God's lavish goodness to our family.

We only visit for very special celebrations.

John earned his Bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship in May. He feels so blessed to have been selected by Wells Enterprises, maker of Blue Bunny Ice Cream, as the one and only summer intern in Marketing. We're all praying this opportunity will lead to permanent employment with Wells. In any event, he's already gaining tremendous experience which should equip him for future employment.

Lissie earned a Bachelor's degree in Humanities. She is currently preparing to spend approximately 9 months in Central Asia, working as a homeschool teacher for some dear friends. (She'll be in a different country than that in which her sister, Jaynie, lived). Lissie will also study one of the local languages at the university there. She already has a violin student awaiting her arrival, so she will be taking her passion for music half way around the world.

Both John and Lissie had a blessed experience in earning their degrees. They "attended" college through a distance learning approach called College Plus!, a program that allowed them to earn their degrees on accelerated timing at a very reasonable cost. These parents are grateful to God for the CollegePlus! program!


Eric Moores said...

Congrats John and Alison!! I'm so excited to see where God is leading both of you and know that He will use you in mighty ways! I greatly value your friendship and can't wait to see you all in August!

MacMeister said...

A hearty congratulations to you both! I'm sure it feels great to have all of that hard work pay off. May God bless each of you as you pursue His will in this next phase of your lives!

MatthewandJennifer Pitkin said...

Congrats to them! This is a major accomplishment! :)

Erica Granquist said...

I'm so excited for both of you!!! :D :D :D

SamUEL Finch said...

Soli Deo Gloria!! It's going to be amazing to see what God's going to do in both of your lives! I echo Eric... CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN AUGUST! A year and a half is FAR too long!

Jason M. said...

Congrats, John and Lissie! I'm very happy for you both! Welcome to the graduates club. :) I just want to wish God's biggest blessings as you move into these new experiences (the job and the trip)!