Saturday, June 16, 2012

Teen Travel for a Purpose

Mrs. Beaver:

While Lissie and I traveled to Cincinnati, others in our family were on the road also.

Jaynie (19 -- in the center) and our four high school-aged teens, left to right -- Mark (16), Cassandra (17), Tatiana (14) and Daria (17) left Friday, June 7 for New Orleans with many other youth from our church. Their reason? To bring hope, love and the gospel to the desperately poor inner-city children, almost all of whom are at least fatherless. Our teens are finished now and driving the long way back, but while in New Orleans they worked with a long-term ministry there called Urban Impact.

We've missed the missing fivesome very much! We're eager to hear their stories and sees ways in which the Lord has changed each of them through their denying-self service to Him

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