Saturday, June 9, 2012

Meeting Family

Mrs. Beaver:

Today Lissie and I made our way to Ohio to help the family's new parents and meet the newest family member, Brielle Madelyn, who was born on Wednesday, 06/06/12.

Tomorrow the very happy new father, Aaron, turns 22.

It was pure joy to this mother to listen to my two girls giggle together.

When we first arrived, Brielle's eye's were closed against what must seem like such harsh light to a three-day-old whose spent nine months in a soothing dark womb.

When I fed Brielle her supplement, she happy slurped down the whole bottle, and then it came right back up again. Bless my sweet grandbaby! I do believe I've lost my touch!

Aunt Lissie came running with a towel to wipe up the poor newborn...
and her grandmother who was wearing a good deal of baby's meal.

We discovered Anna already knows her little one so well she can imitate Brielle's facial expressions.

As soon as Brielle was cleaned up, she was content again.

We've had the most God-blessed day!
Thank You, Lord, for Brielle, and thank You, my Heavenly Father,
for the precious gift of getting to be with my two oldest.


The Kunkel Bunch said...

AWWWWWWWW!!!! She's sooooo CUTE!! Please keep posting pictures, I LOVE them!!! :-) Emily Kunkel

SamUEL Finch said...

Lissie looks like she's a natural. :) Great pictures!

George said...

Loved the pictures! Brielle is a beautiful baby. She looks so snuggly! Krista