Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Encouraging "Math"

Mrs. Beaver:

Oksana and Alexander on the day we went to court to become their parents
October 2010

Mr. Beaver shared a quote from John Piper recently that I have found very encouraging:

"Mom (never enough) + God (infinitely enough) = Mom enough"

As I anticipate next week's surgery and the recovery afterwards, this "math equation" has become even more precious to me. I can never be all my children need in a mom in my own power, but during this season of chronic pain, surgery and recovery that's especially true. It's okay, though. God is meeting my children's needs. The same God who calls Himself "Father to the Fatherless" is also more than willing to help our family during this season of hardship. Mr. Beaver and I need only lean into our saving, rescuing God and He makes us "parents enough" by His abundant grace!


Rog said...

I'm praying for you, Mrs Reynolds! Your posts are very encouraging.


Our Family said...

Thanks, Robby! You are one who has experienced the power of prayer and God's abounding lovingkindness! thanks for praying! Tell your whole family hello!
Mrs. R.

Jamie and Marcos said...

Just wanted you to know we are also standing by ready and willing to help! We would be more than honored. Love you guys!