Monday, June 11, 2012

Newborn Milestone

Mrs. Beaver:

Brielle on her second outing.
As we drove, Brielle gave a first hint of what her smile will look like a few weeks from now... her first pediatrician visit. 
The nurse wanted all clothes off. Aunt Lissie was willing to help.

The four-day old was traumatized by having to be exposed...

Auntie Lissie demonstrated she already has the touch and had Brielle happy again in no time.

Anna worked frantically on the many forms she was required to fill out for the new patient. Meanwhile, Brielle slept peacefully until...

...the doctor began to examine her.

She left no doubt that her lungs are functioning just fine.


However, the experienced doctor knew just how to talk Brielle back into a state of calmness.


After all the "trauma" of the examination,
the new mom listened carefully to the pediatrician's instructions

All finished! A very healthy baby ready to return home.
Thank You, Lord, for Your goodness!

1 comment:

MacMeister said...

In the first picture she looks very much like her mom :-)

Praise God for a good first checkup! That thing they use to listen to your heart and breathing is COLD; no wonder she cried ;-)